2016 Year-End Briquette Project “Balmy Night” with @bouquet0428

Hello. This is 수국과 안개꽃.
“2016 Balmy Night Again” project is to share the happiness gift from Sungkyu with our neighbors in need again.

* Collections are donated in the name of ‘INFINITE Sungkyu’

Please cheak the details below and take part in this project with us.
we’ll be waiting for your warm heart.


2016. 10. 28 ~ 2016. 12. 26
(Event period : 2016. 10. 28 ~ 2016. 11. 30)


A set(IDR 175.000) : Photo Monthly Planner + Cell-phone Sticker + Handy-heater

B set(IDR 465.000) : SungKyu Calendar + A4 poster + Cell-phone Sticker + Handy-heater

C set(IDR 745.00) : B set + Photobook(B5, 48pg, Unreleased photo include)

*Thank-you presents are subjected to change in some situation.
*Some gifts are added when you donate in event period.
**Photobooks are included unreleased Photos.


All participants : Bouquet0428’s last season goods (random)
Pre donation present : Mini-Banner

Jika berminat silahkan kirim email ke : calistakrn@gmail.com

Dengan Subject : 2016 Balmy Night

(Nama, No.tlp, Alamat Lengkap, Twiter, Line/Katalk, Set & Jumlah Set)


  1. Tidak ada PEMBATALAN
  2. No Refund
  3. Harga diatas belum termasuk ems dari Korea ke Indonesia
  4. Akan dilakukan 2x Pembayaran, yaitu pembayaran goods dan pembayaran ems
  5. Transfer via bank BNI

If you have a further question, plz contact me via:

Line/Katalk : calistakrn

Dm Twitter : @listakim


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